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Hi, I'm Victoria!

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After losing a considerable amount of weight myself using the products, I decided that being a consultant would be a great role for me.

  • I have access to all the products I love (at cost price) 
  • I no longer have to book holiday and wait for it to be approved.  BE YOUR OWN BOSS.  I will never miss another school play, the Christmas concert or picking the children up from the school gates.
  • I work from home which means that I can always be there for my children (this was perfect when having to homeschool during the first lockdown)
  • My slimmers bring me huge happiness with every mini goal they achieve.  I love being their 1:1 Cheer-er-Onner (pompoms and all).  I want to make a difference and it's the best feeling making new friends and being part of their weight loss journey.
  • I have a good income from seeing clients and my Sponsor bonus, which has enabled me to buy my dream new car and a new garden office built.
  • I think that I am a supportive Sponsor-always there to answer any questions.  I am approachable, flexible, friendly and hard working.
  • I worked throughout 2020/21-Covid-19 changed the way the business was run, but my daily support has continued and I am still there (at the end of a phone or via a Zoom call) for my Team and Clients.
  • Head Office run incentives and if you choose to go for them, it is completely your choice.  Being rewarded and recognised for your hard work is a bonus on top of the money you can earn with hard work and determination.
  • Are you driven to achieve?  Are you considering a career change?  Have you found that Covid-19 has changed the way you look at your life?  Want a better work/life balance and realise that becoming The Boss will enable this?
  • This is the perfect time to become a Consultant as all the training is offered online.  Your business can cover the whole of the UK. You can work from home, be mobile or have a shop (this is your choice totally). 
  • It's only £100 to get going.  Honestly, it is the best thing I have done.  Just go for it.
  • Want to find out more or have a chat?  Call me today 07967 716 552

I look forward to hearing from you



COMPLETE FLEXIBILITY? Being a Consultant is an incredibly rewarding job - it's FAB!