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Hi, we're Joanne & Mark !

Team in UK and Ireland

Becoming a consultant has been an extremely rewarding career change for me and my family over the past 7 years. My ever growing team range from all walks of life, male and female, various occupations and of all ages. I absolutely LOVE this side of the business.

* Some work part time around their family life and children, or alongside another job. 

* Some work full time as a consultant

But ALL of them have a passion to help others to lose weight and FEEL better about themselves. 

If you would like to know more about this business opportunity please do get in touch. We can start with an informal chat or hop on a Zoom. I can also invite you to listen in to our monthy HQ Business Opportunity Meetings online with NO obligation. Just sharing the facts and all set up costs (you get set up completely from GBP100).

The 1:1 Diet are a well established, well respected company founded by Medical Professionals. We are also an award winning employee owned business based in Corby having recently won the Employee Owned Business of the Year 2019, along with our MD now heading up as Chairman. (Beating John Lewis!)

The Head Office team are a huge source of hands on support, along with my daily support, and ongoing mentoring.(IF that is what you are looking for in your business). 

To set up your own independent business is with minimal costs, and with no demo kits. Training is done via Zoom from HQ, and from myself also. I am flexible and can work around you and your other job roles. You can work from home and consult completely virtually to your clients, via a room within another business, a shop or even go mobile to visit your clients at their homes. There is HUGE flexibilty.

So whether you are looking to become a consultant to buy the products at cost for yourself and your journey, to do it to maintain your losses, to help family and friends, or to build an income for yourself, drop me a line and I would be more than happy to have an informal chat with you led by what YOU want from this business opportunity.

Give me a call or pop me an email if you'd like an informal chat


07770 595279

Best Career Change I Ever Made!