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Hi, I'm Cath!

Low start up cost

There is so much to tell you about the opportunity, I hardly know where to begin!

Fulfillment. Flexibility. Financials

  • Back in 2016 I had to quit the corporate treadmill at 46 due to ongoing ill health issues. I was on benefits while I got well. For 3 years I had dreamt of being a consultant but I didn't have the confidence to do it.
  • While 'unemployable' and with my confidence hitting a all time low, I realised I could work. I could be a consultant. I had nothing to lose!
  • One thing you need to know is when you start working with people who you want to work with and experience their successes it is addictive. The buzz is amazing!
  • When I became well enough to go back to employment I knew I wanted to do this fulltime and I now knew it was feasible. So I took that plunge and never looked back.
  • Then my sister was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Thankfully she beat it and I looked after her for 3 years. Being a consultant gave me flexibility to be her carer and by her side, yet still work and earn money. 
  • This role is not territorial. You can help dieters all over the UK. I relocated 220 miles away the month before lock down yet my business could continue to operate.
  • I am proud to have consistently achieved many incentives.  Rewards includes free cartons of products, high discount bands meaning more profit, jewellery, fit bit, numerous lifestyle and love to shopping vouchers.

What key benefits will you receive?

INCENTIVES - If you don't want to take part in these you don't have to. There is no pressure but why not!

TRAINING - full consultant training and ongoing optional free training and development

FREE ACCESS TO CONSULTANT COMMUNITIES both online and face to face

LOW START UP COST - your bespoke starter pack start from just £100

MARKETING TEMPLATES AND ADVERTISING MATERIALS - Some are free, others are small cost from £1


DEDICATED WEBSITE - Some starter kits include this. Annual cost thereafter just £60 pa

Plus so much more.

Contact me for more information or natter about if you feel this would suit you.

T: 07930 931527 xx

If you love see others succeed this is for you.