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Hi, I'm Sabrina!

Mobile Consultants working 7 days a week, flexible times covering North London.

Part of an Award Winning Team!

With me there's:

  • No Consultation or Joining Fee
  • Free help, support & motivation 
  • Very competitive prices
  • Free 1:1 weekly weigh-ins 
  • Flexible times and days for appointments
  • Free mobile appointments
  • Free aftercare to ensure the weight you lose stays off

Sabrina - 07852 133166 /
After having my daughter, I was the biggest I had ever been. I felt as though I had lost who I was because my body did not feel like mine anymore. After a 6 YEAR struggle I was feeling deflated by the process and still wasn't where I wanted to be.

Then a friend recommended Cambridge Weight Plan. I immediately went onto the website and signed up. I lost 10lbs in the first 2 weeks* and my work trousers weren't cutting into my waist anymore. I was gaining my confidence again and pulling out the clothes I never thought I'd fit into again!

After losing the weight myself, I wanted to help others do the same. I will use the steps to tailor a plan suitable for you and your lifestyle. I will motivate and support you during your weight loss journey and provide advice even while you maintain.