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Hi, I'm Nicole!

Hey there!  It's been a long couple of years and many of my dieters have comfort ate themselves through it all and are now smashing their goals and feeling more like themselves.  I have a lovely group of slimmers who connect on Facebook and WhatsApp to help them achieve their goals.   I'm also doing a little challenge of 8 weeks myself for a goal I have.  So come join us and get going.   There is never a suitable time to start so bite the bullet and do it for yourself.

Read a little about me and my journey below :) 


You have came to the right place.  The 1:1 Diet  has helped thousands on acheiving the body they want, including me! 

A little about me first.  I have done Cambridge Weight Plan three times.  The first two times I ended up with Cambridge Weight Plan babies and the third and final time I have came back and lost the weight again and wanted to help others a like.  I lost 3 stone* and I'm comfotable and love my body now.  So with the help of my amazing Consultant I joined her award winning team.  I have never looked back.

I am based in Ballyhackamore but I do mobile visits anywhere in Belfast and beyond.  I also offer a virtual service.  That means I can ship to you and do video or WhatsApp appointments for your weighins.  Meaning I can cover the whole of the UK.

Why should you choose me?  I absolutely love my job.  The best part about it is seeing my clients achieve brilliant results week in week out.  I am there for you every day of the week.  If you need to phone me to come take that glass of wine out of your hand, I will, and I reward hard work too! 

Check out my Facebook page and dont forget to Dream, Believe, Achieve! 

Speak with you soon!