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Hi, we're Mandy & Dean !

Be your own boss and love it

I started my journey with the 1:1 as a dieter I quickly got a passion for it on how it made me feel. 

At the time I was working long hours and Saturdays at the bank, no overtime or potential to earn extra money. 
There was rumours of redundancies and branch closures so a very worrying time.

I recalled my consultant telling me when I reached my weight loss goal that I would make an excellent consultant and why don't I explore it ... I brushed it off at the time and was just happy I remembered what she said 

A very long story short I eventually took to plunge just to find a little more about the business opportunity and I popped a long to the local business opportunity meeting where I heard from head office staff and other consultants on how they turned it into their business. I came away from that meeting buzzing with excitement and I spoke to my husband about it who was very on the fence with it but like I say nothing ventured nothing gained so I signed up to do my accreditation. 
Within 8 months of starting what was a little bit of pin money it became my full time job and I was seeing over 30 -40 dieters a week.

I continued to build my business and the awards for my hardwork started to come through too 

I've built a team of my own that Im immensely proud off and it has been amazing abd a privilege to watch them grow their own business too

This is more than just a fly by night business opportunity this is an amazing brand, family and  it really does change peoples lives as a dieter and as a business 

If you want to find out a littke more or ask me any questions then I will honestly answer them my number is 07956-887800

Without me taking the plunge I wouldn't be where I am now

Its pays me a great salary and has bought me a brand new car, paid for holidays abroad for my family and so much more this is more than what I could off ever earned if I was still full time at the bank.

The opportunities are endless and real 

All you need the passion to help others, work hard & be consistent  


Ask me how I turned a little bit of pin money into my full time career ....