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Hi, I'm Elsbeth!

Join something special.

For 13 years I worked in a job where I was miserable nearly every day! Monday's were the worst day of the week, I was made to feel useless and the job ended up making me ill. So i finally quit! But then what to do? I had very little confidence left and didn't know what i was capable of anymore.

All i knew was that i loved helping people to achieve their potential! 

So my then consultant asked me whether I would like to become a consultant myself? I said 'No thanks' initially! I couldn't possibly run my own business could I? After much thought I agreed to go on the training day (now done virtually) - what did I have to lose?

From that day I've never looked back! I LOVE my 'job'! It's a cliche but if you really love what you do then it doesn't feel like work and it doesn't. I consider myself very lucky. I get to have a fantastic job - helping people to feel better about themselves on a daily basis!! What could be better? Plus I am my own boss so answer to noone! I also can work around my children so no longer need to worry about childcare - if anything they are my 1:1 Elves - they love getting orders together and dropping off to clients!

My sponsor was and continues to be a fantastic support and if you join my team you will get as much support as you want. On Team LHB our training academy will help you through the initial stages of being a consultant, gain more clients and therefore make more profit - if that's what YOU want. Our WhatsApp group is always on the go with questions, answers and support from the team so you never feel like you're alone. The wider consultant team are also available for help and support as are Head Office who are constantly delivering training, looking for new ways to support us and to provide incentives.

So whatever size business you want, whether you're looking to supplement your income, work part-time or full-time I will be here to help and support you all the way. You really can grow your own business exactly as YOU want! You won't look back!

It's not a job if you love what you do