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Hi, I'm Samantha!

Dream big!

As a single parent I struggled financially for many years, working long hours in a primary school and juggling bills was all I knew. Then my sister-in-law offered me an opportunity I could not refuse. As a 1:1Diet consultant, Jacqui Dempsey had won numerous awards including New Consultant of the Year, so I knew I would have her encouragement, experience and expertise to help me make my business successful. I still work full time in the primary school as I love my job, but the extra income I now make from being a 1:1 consultant in my spare time has changed my life completely. I work a couple of evenings and a few hours each weekend meeting new people and helping them lose weight, get healthier and transform their lives.  But I couldn't have dreamed how much this enjoyable little business of mine would change my own life. In the 4 years since becoming a consultant I am more confident and financially secure. I have helped pay for my daughter's wedding, celebrated my 50th in New York and have also become a home owner! None of this would be possible without the extra income. Be your own boss, work the hours you want, be part of an amazing team and DREAM BIG. As a 1:1 consultant there are no limits to your income, you can achieve anything!



I joined an amazing team, do a job I love and help people change their lives.