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Hi, I'm Debbie!

M 07946541014

AWARD WINNING  HIGHLY COMMENDED CONSULTANT - covering Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.  


I have been a yo yo dieter all of my adult life . I was unhappy, self conscious and ruined social events, holidays, dreaded summer and would not allow my photo to be taken.  I was a bundle of fun!

Could this be you too?

As part of my constant battle to fit in and be thin, I decided to try one more diet- The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan before resorting to surgery.  Honestly it rocked my world  changed my life.  Gave me back my life.  Look at my before and after pics  On the first one I didn't know it was being taken.   Second one - I'm actually posing!  In swimwear!

I know what it's like to feel trapped.  Uncomfortable in your own skin.  Hiding behind baggy clothes   Afraid to speak out in case someone calls you fat and not worthy of an opinion.  You are worthy.  You are not trapped.  Let me help you find you and your real life.  Not to mention skinny jeans!

As Your Highly Commended Award Winning Consuluant My Commitment To You Is:

  • 100% support throughout your weight loss journey and beyond
  • FREE 1:1 Consultations 
  • FREE Weekly virtual or actual weigh ins and measurements
  • Mobile visits and free delivery 
  • A dynamic business opportunity to join my team
  • ME

There's nothing really more important than good health is there?  If nothing else COVID has taught us that.   Let me help you become a healthier you and everything else ...including the skinny jeans if you want them ...will follow.  

Why not call me now, let's have a chat and see what you

Why not call me now, let's have a chat and see what you think.

Love Deb x

WHY WAIT TO LOSE WEIGHT?  Programmes to suit everybody.  It's not just shakes!