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Hi, I'm Claire!

This diet has changed my life!

I started my weight loss journey full of guilt and shame and doubt and fear.  I had no real hope of success but was so desperately unhappy and had failed at everything else so many times before, that I booked in and turned up to that initial consultation.  And then I made it back for the following week.  And then again.  As the weeks progressed, I began to feel a tingle of hope.  A tiny hint of self-belief.  And they grew.  Week by week, with the support of someone who knew how I felt, not just physically but emotionally too.  We walked that journey together.  And it changed my life.  It absolutely changed my life and I will be forever grateful.

Later, I wasn’t enjoying working the ridiculously long hours in my fancy South Kensington office.  Working myself into the ground in an industry not known for healthy work/life balance.  And I wondered if there was another way.  Asked myself if there was something more to life than turning myself inside out to earn huge profits for someone else.  So, I started small.  Thinking if I helped one or two people a week it might encourage me to maintain my own weight loss.  And might also give me access to the odd bar if I wanted one…  Helping others through that same magical journey I’ve experienced still lights me up just as much today as it first did seven years ago.  At the time I didn’t realise it was even a possibility for this to run as a full time, central London business and neither does it have to be.  Many team members I’ve sponsored have run this part time alongside their full-time professions, to finally get on the London property ladder, pay off that credit card or purchase the Chanel handbag or annual family holiday.  All while offering flexibility around family, children, study. 

So this diet really has changed my life.  Firstly, by allowing me to finally feel truly comfortable in my own skin.  Secondly, by allowing me to build a business that I love, helping clients through that magical transformation that lights me up every time.  And thirdly by giving me the opportunity to help and support you to build your own business.  To the level that you want, that works for you, that allows you to light up too.

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