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Hi, I'm Saffron!

Your time - your business

Why not book onto our 1 day zoom training, get some support and help, and get your business off the ground?!  

Different times, different business? I've been a Consultant for over 6 years now and am at Gold level.  This means I have plenty of personal experience with my own clients and my team - the two strands to the business. I'm here to guide you through the process and support you with your new business. I will help you grow it in whatever direction you want to take it, being here to answer all of your questions and help wherever I can. You'll be independant but part of my team so can work your business the way you choose.

I'm extremely grateful that I can now arrange work around my family rather than my family around work -  it's wonderful! I have time to go on family walks, take time out with my friends, do exercise and most importantly, be there for my kids. I love this business! If you'd like more flexibility, to be your own boss and the opportunity to build a limitless business, get in touch. 

Come and join my team:

Saffron 07825000337

Build your very own business with my support. Start helping your own clients & building your team.