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Hi, I'm Suzanne!

Join an Award Winning Team

So why join me and my team? 

  • I know what it takes to get your business up and running and my team and I will support you to get yours going. 
  • I have operated successful small businesses for 40 years.
  • I’m a Multi Award Winning Consultant with 20+ years’ experience in the industry, having won awards almost every year since joining The 1:1 Diet.
  • I have extensive specialist training in helping people to change their mindset, move away from self-defeating thoughts and behaviours and move towards more helpful ways of caring for themselves. I’ve counselled, coached, supervised and taught literally thousands of people. You can use my knowledge & experience to build a great business of your own.
  • My team is also Multi Award Winning.  Three of us are in the Diamond league (there are less than 50 Diamonds in the whole company) and almost quarter of the team members are in Silver and above (ask me about our leagues and the Pathway to Success). 

I've worked in this industry for over 20 years and have loved every moment of it. After working for 15 years in other weight loss companies I found this one.  I wish I had found it long ago. The Company, the Consultants and my Team are wonderfully supportive. 

This work is so rewarding! I get to help people change their lives.  Imagine being paid well to do something you love; to work the hours you want to work, and have work revolve around your personal life instead of the other way around. 

Yes, you must put effort in to building your business and to keep it going. And yes, it takes a while for your effort to bear fruit. And when it does it is personally and financially rewarding!

Give me a call on 07851 868579 to find out more.  The decision to join is completely yours. I will give you all the info and the space you need to make the decision for yourself. 

I never thought I’d love my job! Find out why & how you can get job satisfaction too. 07851868579