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Hi, I'm Lyndsey!

Join my team today!

I am an award winning consultant  covering all of the UK, having a vast experience of the 1:2:1 Diet, I will help you in your consultations with clients and with business growth. I have a background in Business Management, Personal and Psychology. I have the perfect mix of people and business experience, so your fears will be put at ease. I have grown my business from my own home into a successful centre and beyond!! I fully  embrace the values of the One2One diet by being part of the Regional Committee. 


With a family which loves DIsney! I have this business to make their dreams come true! They have been blessed to go every year!! all thanks to One2One. Starting with buying it for my own use to building up a sucessful centre! You can do this too!!! 

FEEL free to give me a call and find out how I can help you to build your business today- whether its a side hussle for extra income or a fulltime career change. I will help you make this move!

 Lyndsey x

Award winning team