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Hi, I'm Mandy!

What a great opportunity!

Are you ready to start a business?  Are you ready to have more the time to spend with your family and friends and to have more time for yourself?  Do you want to help people to lose weight?

I've been a sucessfull Full Time consultant for over 15 years so I know how run a business.

Well I'm here to help you do this and I'll support you all the way.  I'll provide you with all the information you need and the of course our famous !:! support.  I have trained dozens of sucessfull consultants including award winning ones.  

If you'd like to chat to me we can arrange a meeting {virtual or face to face}.  I'll help you through the training process, through your acreditaion and help you set up everything ready to see your clients.  You'll become part of an Award Winning Team!  

If you'd like to change your life like I did then call me on 079606 45505. I look forward to speaking to you soo.

This is the perfect oppertunity to be your own boss and work the hours you want to work.