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I'm Julie 'The 1:1 Diet Lady' Becoming a 1:1 Consultant is one of the best work decisions I have ever made (now late 60’s) – I love it. I had mixed employment over my 60+ years; 3 employment’s, one as an ambulance driver then a Approved Driving Instructor and working in the Direct selling for 30+ years, reaching Regional Management level for Betterware BUT I don’t miss them and what I now have is the contact I make with my Clients. Each client is an individual soul, looking to improve their health and wellbeing, decrease their weight and worry whilst making life changes for long term maintenance. Being a Consultant is a privilege and so worthwhile as YOU can be part of that journey with them, offering support, guidance as well as tips on how to stay focused and progress positively.

FANTASTIC WORK BALANCE Successfully working my appointments around my social diary, finding I have more time for friends and walking my Labrador dog (Clients comment I am always out–and I am, my social life has improved as I can now fit it in)

SO MANY CHOICES The joy of being a Consultant is you can work it alongside your current role, as your only income source, part or full time, all decided by you. No Boss, No Deadlines, No restrictions – ONLY SUCCESS

FINANCIALLY BETTER OFF I am in a great position Holiday and trips away. The higher the discount bands and profit margins you have, resulting in MORE money for you. There is no limit to the money you make – you are your own Boss, the sky is your limit–how far up do you want to fly?

FULLY SUPPORTED Being part of my team means you have my full support, guiding you each step of the way, no question is ever silly (I’m sure we all asked the same ones when we started). I provide 1:1 Sessions with you as well as connect you to the larger team so you are always supported and learning more, the more you know, the more you earn – the happier you will be. I was hesitant at first, one of my biggest regrets is I didn’t do this sooner, a call to discuss more with no commitment is all you need to do right now 07956542584 Love what you do What are you waiting for? Best wishes Julie

I want to share how l found my new passion, vocation and happiness with others ready for a change