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Hi, I'm Emma!

Building you a future !

It's time to start a  new chapter a new challenge, go on give it a go!

Thankyou for taking the time to read my business story

Are you wanting a new opportunity ? A full time business or just a few part time hours. See lots of clients or just see a few?. With the advantage of our postal service you can do this all from Zoom to suit YOUR personal situation.

For over 7 years I have been helping and supporting new consultants start and build their businesses. I can help you too.

I personally started the business as a sideline which has bloomed into an amazing business, for the last 2 years it has become my full time income, though I don't work full time hours by far.

I love my role as a 1:1Diet consultant and do this working from home or mobile all to suit my needs and time table and having the beauty of walking my dog in my time.

So what can I offer you joining my TEAM 

With my training and support it will include:

.1:1 Business Development sessions to establish what YOU want out of your business.

.Team Coaching/Training sessions to suit how YOU want to learn.

. I am an active consultant who attends regular updated training and can pass the knowledge to you.

. Before and After training to help you with your accreditation, with lots of help and guidance on how to get your business off with the best start.

. Wider Team Support & Whats App team chat group

. Stock swaps

. Be assured You will have a Sponsor that is ALWAYS available to help and guide YOU.

My team comes from a wide range of backgrounds -  young, old, male, female, full time, part time from a vast range of society the list is endless to our talents, YOU can add to this mix to.

Adding the 1:1Diet into your life can work for YOU,  I am with YOU every step of the way to help YOU to succeed with YOUR business too. 

The most important aspect is to create a business that suits YOUR lifestyle, goals and aspirations and that's what I'm here to help you do.

Get in touch and I will be happy answer any questions and love to welcome you to the business and my team!.





Life changing role awaits YOU!