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Hi, we're Julia & Liam !

Support in abundance....... matter what your business goals are.

What type of 1:1 business are you wanting to achieve?

Whether you are looking for a side hustle, extra earnings to be able to afford the "nice things" (that's what I set out wanting!!) or if you have bigger ambitions, we can support, direct and encourage you all the way.  There is a great opportunity if you have done Direct Selling before this is one of the best, and we celebrate 40 YEARS in 2024 - there has honestly never been a better time!!

Our team are diverse, but we all are a piece of the jigsaw. We all bring something to the team table, even the virtual one!!  In the last year we have seen many changes, we have worked together, supported each other emtionally and in business to protect each other. We have come through this stronger and in one piece!  Several team members have joined during 2020 and I think we can speak for them they still feel a valued part of the team.

All ideas, learning and development are shared, we help each other out with stock and client queries and one day we will all be in a room together and raising a toast to 2020!

All new team members are welcomed warmly into the fold and encouraged, there are no geographical boundaries so we can support you whether near or far. 

We look forward to hearing from you, and joining our Multi Award winning team.


I am a passionate consultant, my focus is on my clients reaching their goal & my teams development.