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Hi, we're Matthew & Kevin !

Getting it Right!

Choosing the RIGHT CONSULTANT to really help YOU get started in this business is critical if you want to be successful and more importantly to guide you through the many years of learning & if honest avoid the failures and mistakes that we have seen and done over the years…. With our support, this will really help you be more successful without relearning the same costly mistakes!

We are BOTH Full TimeGOLD ELITE and Multiple Award-Winning Consultants including Gold Champions & Top 50 Consultants for 5 Years. If that wasn’t enough, we have two Slimmer of the Year Winners and over 13 Years of experience! All this means that we have a really active TEAM of Consultants who we have helped train, Support & Guide through the process!

Not only are we Award-Winners, our TEAM are also Award Winners with Multiple Business Growth Awards, Regional Awards and Highly Commended Awards for Customer Service!

But our AWARDS aren’t everything, our SUPPORT is! Our recipe of success comes from our tailored training program to suit you how you best learn, tailored to suit what size of business you want. Whether that’s a part time business with extra cash to pay off those credit cards or a holiday or even a full time consultant to really give you back some time to do what you want to do! Either way we are with you every step of the way to REALLY help you succeed!

Our Tailored Training Support Program includes;

  • 1:1 Business Development sessions
  • Dedicated Online Training program, (to learn at the speed that suits you!)
  • Team Coaching Sessions
  • Unique Team Training Events
  • Part of DSA Award Winning Consultant of the Year team and all the support that comes from that!

If that wasn’t enough to prove our unique support, we are also part of the REGIONAL CONSULTANT COUNCIL  across the county to really show, teach and help develop consultants across the UK because of our expertise!

Even better than all that, you can get all this training and support from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the UK & Ireland, we have the support plan for you!

If you would like to know more, drop us a message and you can see if we are the RIGHT BUSINESS BUILDING TEAM for YOU!


Matt & Kevin