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Hi, I'm Trudi!

Join my Award Winning TEAM

Becoming a Consultant with The 1:1 Diet is about being your own boss, choosing your own hours, and doing something that really makes a difference to yourself and to those that you help.

My name is  Trudi  and I am an award winning Gold level consultant with 10 years experience in the business. I myself lost 4 stone on plan back in 2012 and have been maintaining my healthy weight since. 

I am able to support you, as a sponsor, remotely from anywhere in the UK and Ireland! I offer ongoing training and support to all my team members. 

The start up costs are just £200 and this includes your training and starter kit (saving you over £300 on products alone!). You then have the option to buy the booster kit for an extra £400 which includes over £1200 worth of products.

I tailor the training to you and your personal goals and plans for your business. This can be whatever you choose to make it. I understand not everyone wants to grow the business like I have myself. I started small with around  5-15 slimmers a week and worked it around my family.   The beauty of this business is it can be adapted and changed at any time to suit you and your lifestyle.

I have a fantastic large team who I work closely with. We have a great Facebook group and keep in touch and help ea ch other out all the time.   

I now get to spend time with  my kids and walk my dog   every day and spend as much time as I can with them. It really is the best decision I ever made

Ever wish you had more money and spare time, doing a job you love?