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Hi, I'm Gemma!

A business that works for YOU

I am Gemma Renwick and am the current Diamond Leader of the year 23/24 for the 2nd year, with 11 years experience. I myself lost 3 stone on plan back in 2013 and have been maintaining my healthy weight ever since. I am able to support you, as a sponsor, remotely from anywhere in the UK and Ireland. I have created an exclusive Dream Team Academy training programme for all new team members across all generations of the Team.

Follow me on my social media to see how I work and feel free to ask me anything:


The start up costs are as little as just £100 and this includes your training and starter kit (saving you over £300 on products alone!). You then have the option to buy the booster kit for an extra £400 which includes over £1200 worth of products.

I can tailor your ongoing training to you and your personal goals and plans for your business. This can be whatever you choose to make it. I understand not everyone wants to grow the business like I have myself. I too started small, seeing 5-15 clients a week and worked it around a second job and my growing family. The beauty of this business is it can be adapted and changed at any time to suit you and your lifestyle.

There are no set targets, only amazing incentives set out by my myself exclusively for my team and also by GHQ for everyone to go for if they choose to.

So far the awards I have won are:

  • Excellent Service
  • Highly commended

  • Being the consultant to 3 slimmer of the year winners including Rachael Walkingshaw-McGuinness WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2021 and Sharon Head WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2023!

  • Triple Gold Champion
  • Double Diamond Champion 
  • Current Diamond Leader of the year for the 2nd year!

And for achieving incentives some of the prizes I have won are:

  • A Gucci bracelet
  • A set of SECA scales
  • A Tiffany necklace
  • A Michael Kors watch
  • £350 Tiffany voucher
  • £60 Pandora voucher 
  • £4000 lifestyle vouchers!
  • All expenses paid trips to London, Barcelona, Lake Como, Portugal, Marbella, Mexico & Vegas!

All for doing a job I absolutely love and am so passionate about. I live and breath this and want to pass on my passion to YOU. 

Join the Multi Award Winning DREAM TEAM today!