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Hi, we're Cheryl & Stephen !

I started Cambridge over 10 years ago!  I wanted to lose 2 stone QUICKLY to go to Ibiza. I expected to regain the weight, after all, if it was easy to lose it'd go back on, right?

WRONG! Over 10 years later, I am so happy to have not regained the weight.

I am by no means a Sales Woman, so there's no way I could do this if I didn't completely believe in the wonderful Steps programme and the invaluable one to one support Cambridge Weight Plan.

I have been awarded GOLD status which means I am one of the Top 250 Consultants in the Country.

I manage my business alongside my professional job which, as far as I'm concerned, gives me a perfect work-life balance.

My husband is now also a fully accredited Consultant for those who would prefer to see a male.   I will support you all the way, with free consultations and weekly weigh-ins with lots of motivation along the way. You only pay for the products.

Take a look at my Facebook Business Page. I have been trading as a Consultant since January 2013 and have lots and lots of success stories.  I was awarded 'Highly Commended Consultant' at the Cambridge Convention in November 2013 and AGAIN in November 2015.

When my clients get to goal I help them with maintenance by offering free monthly weigh ins with regular phone contact inbetween. This seems to work really well.  I get lots of positive feedback from my clients, the ones at goal and the ones who are still on their journey.


I am based in Worcester on Warndon villages and offer a professional and very friendly service.  I offer evening and weekend appointments to suit busy lives. 

I also have day time appointments on Thursdays and Fridays as well as evenings on these days too.