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Hi, I'm Debby!

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Being a 1:1 Diet Consultant has been life changing for me. Not only do I get to meet lovely clients, I get to do something that I love which gives me the income and freedom to pursue my other meaningful interests. I had a long carreer in the charity sector which I loved, but it left me short of time and energy. Now I am able to devote time to other projects which include fostering rescue cats and volunteering in my local community. I started as a part-time Consultant but built my buisness to the point where I could stop full-time work, my driver at that time was that I wanted to spend more time at home with my sick elderly cat; that might sound crazy but that's how and why it it happened.

I love being my own boss, I never have to call in sick or beg for annual leave. It can sometimes be tough being self-employed so me and my team support each other and bounce ideas around and generally just support each other without any office politics.

Our buisness model is great because we decide what level of committment we want to make; there are no pressures or targets; we decide. The start up costs are very manageable, and the initial training and accreditation process is very streamlined and straightforward. If you join my team you will have dedicated support from me to help you build your buisness. We have a wealth of resources to tap into, and you choose your buisness building pace, keep it small or go large. We are not a get rich quick scheme , but you can reap the rewards by devoting time and effort and making use of our in-house expertise and training, as well as bringing your own personal qualities. Interested? give me a call on 07764 679032 and let's talk it through.

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