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Hi, I'm Judy!

Sponsoring for 9 years!

A Multi-Award Winning Consultant with Specialist Training in YOUR area!

GOLD CHAMPION 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019

REGIONAL CONSULTANT OF THE YEAR - South East England 2015 and 2014

TOP 50 CHAMPION 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014

Consultant to SLIMMER OF THE YEAR FINALIST 2015       

Hi there! I am based in Worcester Park and surrounding areas for face to face consultations or weekly virtual accountability consultations anywher in the UK and supply your products to your doorstep. I am a well respected, dedicated and professional FULL TIME Consultant with 11 years experience of helping clients to lose and MAINTAIN their weight loss. I understand the importance of motivation inbetween appointments and have a dedicated facebook page (click link above), Whatsapp group and Instagram with daily inspiration and text messages. Don't wait for tomorrow, make a NEW YOU NOW!!!

So a bit about me:


I hadn't heard those words for quite a few years. After 2 children and severe comfort eating I had piled the weight on.

I was very determined and the first week was hard, but, I made it through and from that point on I found it the easiest diet I had ever tried. In the first month I had dropped a stone and the constant losses every week was the motivation I needed to get to my goal weight and a healthy BMI. That was 11 years ago and I have kept off that 3 stone* - this diet really WORKS! Come and see how my after picture is STILL ME TODAY!

Being an accredited 1:1 Diet Consultant I am able to offer you a safe weight loss program, with plenty of support, advice and encouragement to help you achieve the weight loss and results you desire. Call or email me for a chat about the diet and how it can work for YOU!

So what can I offer you?

A tried and tested weight loss program that that can work for YOU whatever your reason for needing to lose weight:

  • Self confidence
  • General health improvement including diabetes
  • IVF treatment
  • Surgical procedures
  • Special occasions such as weddings and holidays.

I have sucessfully helped people to dream, believe and achieve their goals for all of the above reasons.


 I am a full time consultant so I offer as much flexibility as I can. 

No consultancy fees, just good honest service.