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Hi, I'm Sallyanne!


My consultant career to date:

I became a consultant in 2007 just before moving from Northampton to Scotland, where I promptly had my 2 baby boys (something in the Scottish water!). I decided to retrain in 2012 to meet and help some local people at my dining table for just a few hours each week, fitting in with nursery and school. In a relatively short space of time, I found it was paying enough to fund the car, small holidays and luxuries I wasn’t expecting to afford. From someone who’d always been employed before, being self-employed was actually not as scary as I imagined!

In 2015 I was awarded the extremely prestigious Above and Beyond Award, and I’ve achieved major consultant awards every year since. This is now the sole income for our household, whilst still fitting in wonderfully with my family and never missing any of my family’s events. All from helping people finding their smiles again.


I’m looking to help people start and grow a business to a level that works best for them, to have enough clients to pay for a car/holiday/pay-off debt (maybe alongside their existing job) or to really go for it and have this super-rewarding role as a full-time income. 


What I offer you:

I offer all of my team personalised help when they want it. I’m always available on the phone, enjoy 1:1’s either on whatsapp video call, or zoom for any training/help you'd like, or to meet over a cuppa to share my experience, sound out ideas, set achievable goals and just like weight loss, any accountabiulity you'd like. 


Being a part of this lovely company is truly amazing, what this diet does for people is always a pleasure to be a part of. And I love that the level of effort you put in is reflected in your business/income growth, rather than waiting for your boss to give you that dreaded annual 1.5% pay increase, never again for me! 


Startup options from £100 which covers your training (online) and 4 full boxes of your choice of products. Larger starter kit options available for higher profit potential.


Please contact me for further information or if you’d like a free ticket to an information presentation evening. They’re held regularly and you can watch from the comfort of your home. 

The goal isn’t more money. The goal is living life on your own terms whilst making more money.