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Hi, I'm Karen!

I’m Karen, I can deliver your meals to your door or you can collect from me with face-to-face or virtual support .  You choose the best way I can support you.

With 12 years experience of helping clients with their weight loss, wellbeing and maintaining their weight loss, I can support you to lose weight, maintain that weight loss, improve your health and wellbeing, gain confidence and self esteem and so much more.

Send me a message on 07703 274532 or email for more information or to make an appointment and let's get started. (Credit and Debit Cards accepted).

I have a 'tried and tested' Plan and with my 1:1 support you can lose weight, feel better and keep the weight off for good!

I have maintained my weight loss for 15 years and have helped 100s of people lose the weight and maintain.

As an experienced Consultant, If you want to be healthier, slimmer and happier, I can help and support you with my friendly approach, experience and Advanced training.

I offer:

  • Mindset training for your weight loss and to maintain your weight loss
  • 1:1 Confidential Consultations
  • Support and Encouragement
  • Collect your meals from meOR
  • I will deliver to you next day
  • Friendly and relaxed consultations via face-to-face, video or phone
  • Credit and debit cards accepted
  • Flexible appointments to suit you
  • Medical Grade Scales for full body checkup

After years of trying to lose weight myself, I finally discovered The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan and was amazed how quickly and easily I lost my weight. I now feel so healthy and energetic - It's a dream come true!

I love seeing my clients lose their weight and how their weight loss can change their lives, giving them confidence, improving their self esteem, health, happiness and achieving a fantastic new body shape. Let me help you achieve this too.

The Plan is simple to follow with a large range of tasty products designed to help you lose weight with a program to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Please contact me to see how I can help you achieve your goals.

07703 274532 / email: