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Hi, I'm Jo!

The best non job ever !!

It's never been so easy to train as a consultant!  Let me guide you and support you all through the whole process and continue to be your mentor. 

I have helped 100's of people to lose weight but the one thing I really love is to help and train ordinary people like us to help others! it's such a non-pressurized job as there are no targets or bosses to answer to.....It's a wonderful job and the company is fantastic in helping you realize your dreams and reaching your potenial.

You can work around your Children, another job, and other commitments.  Full training from the company will be given and ongoing training from me, Very small and I mean very small start-up cost is needed and off you go. 

Give me a call for an informal chat and then you can decide from there onwards.

I've been doing this for 10 years and it's honestly not a job !! 

See 5 clients a week or 50 the world is your oyster !