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Hi, I'm Claire!

Bored of your current 9-5?!

A fantastic and pressure free opportunity to work for yourself. You can be as little or as big as you like without unnecessary targets and demands. Let me help and support you in becoming a one2one consultant.

Our products and plan and results sell itself!

We are the support, understanding and opportunity behind every slimmer and consultant!

  • We are not pyramid sales
  • You are not expected to be more than you want to be
  • I will not harass you to spend
  • There are no necessary targets
  • There are no empty promises
  • There are no catches
  • You do not have to build a team
  • There are endless opportunities

Contact me for any questions you may have. Feel free to send me your contact details and I will invite you to a zoom business opportunity meeting. This online meeting will outline the opportunity for you and you will get to hear success stories from other consultants. You will hear the facts and figures you need to be able to know if you want to proceed. Please send me your name, mobile number and email address in a text message or whatsapp with the words INVITE ME. A link will be sent to you for you to decide. Head over to @one2onedietwindsorbusiness and take a look

Remember I am here all the way through your 1:1 life time of being a dieter and a consultant.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire x

They believed they could and so they did...............