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Hi, I'm Liza!

Committed to supporting you

I love having a team. It is beyond rewarding to work with them on their goals and assist their growth. We are a tight knit group but all have our own ideas of how we want our business to look and how many clients we'd like to see. Many of us are mums and needed the flexibility that this business offers. Some of us were burnt out from our corporate careers. Some started to maintain their own weight. Most wanted to help others feel as good as they feel. We are a diverse group but with common goals that we all like to be a part of something bigger. I have a Training Academy to fast start my teams businesses, we have regular team zooms as we regonsise that all in put is valuable, we have lots of social events including trips to Ibiza! Everything is optional. There is as much or as little as you want or need. We all celebrate each others successes and that for me is the key. I want a collaberative group that know they are there for each other with support all the way. I challenge and push my team to know that they can have any size business that they want. I Chair the London RCC and am on The Leadership team at Head Office so as i can influence and make this business the best that it can be. Im team led and tailor make the trainings to their needs. Its about them and not me - something i learned from being a Headhunter in the City for fifteen years. 

Many of my team have won awards, incentives, had shortlisted slimmers but the biggest award for them is to have more time, more money all whilst doing something they really love.

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