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Hi, I'm Diane!


  • Consultant to Celebrated Slimmer of the Year 2014 and 2015
  • Above and Beyond Award winner 2013
  • Highly Commended Consultant 2014

Why chose me to support you?

I understand and I care.  I have previously tried every diet going and was the typical yo-yo dieter. Then my GP recommended Cambridge Weight Plan and I've never looked back.  Cambridge worked when all other diets hadn't.  I lost over 5 stone in 5 months* and I have never felt better. 5 years on and I am still amazed how easily I lost the weight and kept it off.  

I've been where you are today, I've known how being overweight can impact your life, take away your confidence and leave you feeling isolated.  I also know how difficult it is to fit planning meals into busy lives.

Since becoming a Consultant in 2011 I have supported and motivated hundreds of men and women to successfully lose weight and keep it off.  I attend many specialist training seminars to ensure I can give you the absolute best support.

I will share my experiences, tips and encouragement and will always work hard to help you achieve your dreams.

I have won mulitple awards based on feedback from my clients and I am a specialist advanced trained Consultant. I have also had clients in the Slimmer of the Year Finals.

  • Flexible appointments day or evening.
  • Premises in Cudworth, Barnsley
  • Private Facebook support group
  • 1-2-1, couples or groups
  • FREE ongoing support when you reach goal weighT

Please contact me for my latest offers

Being a Consultant isn't just about supplying the products, it's about being flexible, supporting you, advising you, motivating you, being available WHENEVER you need me. .

So man or woman - 1 stone or 10 stone to lose - I can help. You've come this far, don't walk away. Take the next step and call or email me. You have nothing to lose but weight.

*You've got a dream?  Believe in yourself and together let's ensure you achieve it*

I have an excellent team of Consultants and together we cover all of South and West Yorkshire and beyond.

You've made the first step by visitng this site, now contact me to start your personal journey.