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Hi, I'm Liz!

Amazing Business Opportunity!

With me as your Mentor, i'll give you all the tools needed to build an amazing business

I'm a Multi Award Winning Consultant of 11 years, I will share my own weight loss experiences,and those of helping my clients over the years   

Seeing my Clients lose their weight and gain a better life is second to none!                        My role varies from day to day, and i look forward to each working day, I still absolutely love my job!          

I also love helping others learn new skills, and bulding their own businesses, I really enjoy the mentoring side,it's so good watching others flourish with their businesses. 

The role offers great flexibility, that fits in around any other work / home commitments, the start up fees are low in comparison to profits that can be seen.                                                You will have your own business (self employed) and there is also the option of introducing others to your team once established, which will bring in a further income for you. 

We have an amazing Head Office .. admin, medical, training, marketing teams that are always on hand, and let's not forget that the company and products, have been around since 1984, so it has been tried, tested, researched and proven!                                                               We are not a fad diet, or a one minute wonder, we are here for the longevity.
We pride ourselves in providing superb nutrition, and offering the invaluable 1:1 support that our clients need

in my opinion, it's the dream job, I actually get paid for doing something that I love.  

Take the plunge! 
I did, and never dread the next working day  

If you'd like to ask more about this wonderful opportunity, then contact me, and we can have a chat  



Build your OWN dreams . or someone will hire you to build theirs!