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Hi, we're Nicola & Summer !

Amazing opportunity

I am a multi award winning consultant who built my business around being there for my 2 girls growing up. One of my daughters has aspergers so being there for all her needs was something no other job had given me before.

I know what it takes to grow your business.

I ranked number 20 for the whole brand for 2018, a champion consultant for 2019, in the top percentages of consultants for 2020 and Champion consultant again for 2021

if you are looking for a change of career, a business that works around family life, to be your own boss, to work the hours you choose, just earn a little extra income and take time out whenever you want it, then let me mentor and guide you to reaching that.

I would love you to join my team and change your life 

Dream to Achieve ltd

Let me show you how