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Hi, we're Helen & Chris !

I have never looked back

I left my highly stressful job as a midwife, to become a carer for my deaf/blind son.  I needed a job I could work around my family, and my sons many hospital appointments. I also wanted something less stressful.

I've  always been interested in weight loss and diets and also enjoy helping and supporting people. After losing weight with the 1:1 Diet, I thought about becoming a consultant.

After 10 years, I still love being a 1:1 consultant, and I've now built a large team and successful business.  I still only work part time hours, and I can choose the days and hours I work. 

There is no pressure to achieve sales.  But the are plenty of incentives to help you grow your business, should you be hungry for great success.  This business can adapt to your life, at different times in your life.  Over the last 10 years my business has run smoothly along side my personal life.  When my family life has had its extra pressures,  I take the break off and reduced the number of clients I see weekly; and at other times, when I want to go for it, I can put in some extra marketing effort to attract more clients and earn more money.  

It is so rewarding helping people lose weight.  Some of my clients have become great friends over the years, and come back to me time and time again. I look forward to seeing  them and sharing in the highs and lows.

Head office are very supportive and make me feel valued everyday.  They are there, as I am to help you  and to support you grow your business. 

Become your own boss. No pressure no targets but many incentives to do well and grow your business.