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Hi, I'm Sarah!

Live life on YOUR terms

Diamond Level Multi-Award Winning Business Builder with a passion for mentoring New Business Owners.

Corny as this sounds this business has quite literally changed my life!

As a single parent to a two year old, there is no way I could've built a Limited Business with a child in tow in any other circumstances.

14 years ago I was made redundant. With a mortgage and £25k worth debt around my neck, you can imagine my despair. Yet here I am today, a present parent, a homeowner in an exclusive suburb of Leicestershire, free of debt (mortgage aside) feeling forever grateful for the opportunity offered to me all those years ago.

I am now looking to personally mentor like minded entrepreneurial individuals to join my ever expanding Team to achieve that same success.


  •  Do you want to be a present parent?
  •  Never miss another school event
  •  Book holidays when YOU want
  •  Be able to afford lifes luxuries
  •  Have a ‘job’ you love
  •  Work your own hours
  •  Be your own Boss
  •  Be time rich

From as little as £100 you too can start a business as a 1:1 Diet Consultant, with me by your side as your very own business mentor. I will share the knowledge I have amassed over the last 14 years from how to get your business off the ground to planning for Champion status. Furthermore Training is FREE this May.

If you are a people person, have the desire to succeed and are willing to put in the work, The Sky really is The Limit. Let me show you how YOU can build a business to be proud of, whether you are looking for extra income to pay off debts, treat yourself or if you want to escape The Rat Race with a complete career change. This is a great opportunity with the support of a Multi Award Winning Diamond Champion

Why not give me a call for a no obligation chat, I guarantee, you will NOT regret it!


Sarah 07738 266520

From A Single Mum on Tax Credits to the Director of a Limited Company