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Hi, I'm Amanda!


Lets make 2024 the year you become your own boss, in charge of your, your time and the money you earn.

Being a One2One consultant is The Best and most rewarding job I have ever had. 

Being a part of someone's transformation, growth in confidence and self worth is as they say in the ads Priceless and a absolute privilege.....

You too could do be part of our fabulous team of consultants striving to help people achieve their goals and dreams of a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Getting involved is simple and especially right now with the magic of zoom. Your training is all from your living room.

We have regular zoom sessions to attend if you are interested in finding out more. And better still these are free to attend, ran by Head Office and no pressure to commit.

So whether you are looking for a career move. Some extra pocket money. Something for you or just want to be able to buy your own products at cost. Being a consultant could be for you.

If you would like to know more I'm happy to chat with you just message me.



07766 818029 

A job I will never tire of, come and join me