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Hi, I'm Catherine!

Knowledge & passion are key!

I've been a consultant for The 1:1 Diet for almost 15 years.  During this time I've won pretty much every award there is to be won and have an incredibly successful business and team.  But what makes me a great sponsor?

My knowledge and passion are my strengths.  I still firmly believe that we have the best diet in the world, I don't sell, this plan sells itself.  There is virtually no question I can't answer about our plan, whether it be diet, medical or protocols.  This is why I was chosen to represent Scotland on our Leadership Forum and why I am the admin for our head office consultant community group on Facebook.

I love nothing more than teaching new consultants the ropes.  I see my role of a sponsor as being like a parent, I teach you the ropes, how to walk the talk and how to fly and be independent when you're ready.  When that time comes, I will always be there for you at the end of the phone when you need me, just like your Mum.  My team know that any time, day or night, I'm right there with the answers.  But I'm not their boss!

i've worked from home, I've been mobile, I offer remote consulting and I've set up and manage several business premises including the ones I have now.  Business coaching is another of my strengths, as is organisation and planning.  If you need help to set up your new business and want to make an amazing consultant, I can help you do that.  I'll have your back the whole way.

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If you have a "why", I have the "how"