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Hi, I'm Denise!

Want an extra £200 a month?

When I trained as a consultant in 2009 I worked from my kitchen and dining room seeing slimmers a few evenings a week alongside my 'real' job. I loved the buzz of helping people rediscover their love of life. And, of course the extra income and access to products was a bonus.

After the birth of my son, I began to see the potential that this way of working could give me. So when he started preschool I left my full time employment to focus on my family and my business. 

This enabled me then, as it does now, to be a present parent while my son is at school. I have attemded every school assembly, sports day, helped on school trips and events without having to ask permission from my employer. This has been priceless for our family.

More recently, when I received a diagnosis for my son and his additional support needs were identified, I have been able to adapt my business and working hours to give him the additional support and time he needs.

This business is flexible enough to mold to what YOU wand and need it to do for you.

My income has been far greater than my previous employment so I've been able to do far more with and for my family as a result. Holidays, day trips, experiences that otherwise wouldn't have been possible. Most recently, this has included having the flexibility to take planned time out to train a puppy.

I offer the same opportunity to you.

I have extensive experience is building a business and coaching my team to do the same. Whether you'd like to have an additional income stream to pay for family luxuries or are looking for a full time business I can help and guide you through the process. I am pleased to offer comprehensive training and support, including but not exclusively shadowing sessions with clients, business planning, marketing assistance.

If this is something you'd like to explore further please get in touch. 

The possibilities are amazing.

Denise 07968 983646

Loving what you do is infectious, we are positive and energised in our roles.