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Hi, I'm Alison!

Come on board !

Hi. Thanks for checking out my webpage.

Ive been a consultant and a sponsor for 15 years now. I absolutely couldn't imaging doing any other job. The satisfaction the flexibility of being self employed is just the best. Creating your own future. Wether it's something full time , part time or just a side hustle.

your never on your own in this business the consultant community is just like one big family it really is amazing!

ive won lots of awards along the way,holidays abroad etc and you really do get rewarded from GHQ for your work.

I absolutely love my team , we have all become really good friends.

The role itself brings so much opportunity into your life it really does.

we have business opportunity meetings too which are run by Head office and are free via zoom. They are each month so if you'd like the link to book on and watch then just get in touch, I'm sure you'll be inspired.

The start up cost is really low too starting at just £100.

you don't have to be on plan either. When I started I didn't need to lose weight I wanted the business opportunity as I've always had a interest in health and fitness.

i do you the meal replacements though as they are delicious and have helped me keep my weight stable through menopause.

if you'd like a chat then please just get in touch and I'll tell you all about being a consultant and the benefits it has to offer and how to get started it's that easy.

can't wait to hear from you.

love Alison x


Being a consultant is the best job in the world