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Hi, I'm Vicky!

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There are many Consultants out there like me, who have created a successful self-employed business helping people lose weight with the One to One Diet.

I became a Consultant 15 years ago when my children were 18m & 6yrs old, I was able to fit the whole business in around my family. 

As the children grew, this opportunity meant that I never missed a school assembly, a parents evening, football match or after school club.  It was the perfect blend of being able to see my clients achieve great results while still being a stay at home mum.

I have Consultants in my team who are employed full time and part time, I have team members who like me are stay at home parents, this business can fit easily around YOU! 

You can be as successful as you choose, I am a consistent Silver, Silver Elite & Gold level Consultant.

I am here to help guide you through the easy to follow accreditation process, Head Office online training,ordering your starter kits to seeing your very first client and what to expect.

Head Office provide a fantastic support network of commuication, social media help, fully interactive portal and online webstore to make ordering stock so easy and flexible!

It can be daunting starting a business, especially in these challenging times but there are so many potential clients/dieters out there who you know, and may be interested in some help to improve their fitness so why not think about your immediate circle of family and friends? Is there someone who could benefit from your expertise and knowledge of the diet?

It is the most rewarding feeling to help someone lose weight, being part of that journey is a privilege and an honour and I never get tired of the pride I feel when I help someone lose weight.

This opportunity has given my family financial freedom to afford holidays and pay off debts and although income is not guaranteed, it sure helps! 

This business opportunity is open to all, whether you have followed plan or not, maybe you have experience in sales or fitness,or you may have worked for a Direct Selling Company backed business before? We have guidelines to follow and I will explain everything  to you if you're interested.

Please get in touch if you are considering a second income or a new opportunity!

Vicky x

Change your life & change the lives of others!