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Hi, I'm Sarah!

Hello! I'm Sarah, a very experienced 1:1 Diet Consultant with a proven track record of helping people lose weight and keep it off! I have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeve to help you find the slim, healthier, confident you hiding inside!

I mainly see clients at my private consulting room in Higham Ferrers, but have a base in Long Buckby too. I am also able to offer a delivery service.

15 years ago I was employed by Global HQ to train and support new consultants. At the time, I was engaged,  overweight, and having tried squillions of other diets unsuccessfully,  I was feeling low and deeply stressed about fitting into my wedding dress. Getting the job with the 1:1 Diet was like divine intervention and after getting on the plan, I happily got married 3 stones lighter! I felt amazing!

When we started a family, it was a no brainer to put all my knowledge, skills and passion to good use and become a consultant myself - all these years later and I’m still love helping people as much as I did then!

Whatever your motivations,  I will work with you at your level, support you to overcome obstacles and get you exactly where you want to be.

As a FULL TIME consultant, I offer flexible appointment times to suit you, as well as virtual appointments by “zoom” and product collection or delivery where required.

Private 1:1 consultations (although couples and small groups are most welcome too)

1:1 Diet Medical and Nutritional specialist trained

FREE weekly printout from my FULL BODY COMPOSITION scales

7 day a week support, I’m only ever a call/text away

I stock the FULL range of products so always have what you need.

Unlike many others,  I have NO weigh in fee or hidden extra charges.

Free monthly weigh ins for maintainers, with ongoing support.

Whether you have a few pounds or several stones to lose, I’m here to help with no judgement ever. I know how it feels to struggle with your weight, to feel self conscious and to hate the way you feel. You’re not on your own, you’ve got me to help.

Book in for a no obligation chat! Email/ message or call me to book in now!

Here's to the new confident you!