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Hi, I'm Danielle!

I had been overweight for the last few years and had looked into other diets, but then I came across the One 2 One diet and did not look back. I lost almost 4 stone, which boosted my confidence and I felt so much better phyically and mentally. I lost the weight 15 years ago and have managed to keep it off. I also had the support of my own personal consultant while on the plan and beyond. This really worked for me.

I offer

* No Joining Fee

* 45+ Tasty meal products with complete nutrition

* A choice of 7 steps with or without conventional food

* Free weekly 1-1 consultations

* Free home visits & weigh in's

* Free BMI checks

* Free Cambridge Weight Plan literature

* Regular weigh ins which will continue long after you have reached your goal weight

I love what I do and enjoy seeing how losing weight transforms the lives of my clients, they look fantastic, feel healthier, and have so much more confidence.

Many people have stopped believing they'll ever lose weight and are delighted to find that the One 2 One diet really does work and YOU absolutely can lose weight, keep it off, and live your life to the full. Give me a call today so I can get you started on your weight loss journey.

You'll be amazed at what YOU can achieve.

Please call or text me on 07782 363369. Danielle x