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Hi, I'm Lisa!

Join my Award Winning Team

So, what are YOU looking for in this new exciting role...? 

Would you like….

  • To be your own boss? 
  • Have flexible working hours? 
  • Financial Freedom?
  • Support, motivation?
  • Free training?
  • Experience daily job satisfaction? 
  • Have the freedom to choose how you spend your time? 

I started my 1:1 business in 2008, working a few hours a week alongside my full-time job. I’m now a full-time consultant with large successful team around the UK.

So, whether you want to become a consultant and see only a few slimmer’s a week or become a full-time team builder! I can give you the support to make it happen. We can work together, with training sessions, one to one sessions to ensure you are reaching your potential in this business.

There are no sales targets to meet, the business opportunity is exactly what you want it to be to fit alongside your current circumstances. 

You’ll receive comprehensive training and will also have access to ongoing training and support, free online learning and personal development.

I can't wait to hear from you so that I can tell you more about what it entails to become a consultant.

I am offering a fantastic opportunity to help you run your own business with my support