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Hi, I'm Yasmin!

Dream...Believe... Achieve

Hi thanks for being taking the first step in checking me out.  I have run my 1:1 Diet business for 16 years after having lost 8 stones.  I loved the variety of weight loss plans it offered along with the support of my own consultant.   So alongside my full-time Civil Service career I decided to earn  bit of pocket money for holidays and became a consultant too.  Wow what a combination of not only having cost-price products for myself but the joy of helping others achieve their healthy weight was so heart-filling and paid me too!    I started sponsoring others and now my team has 36 fab consultants.  They are a mix of full-time, part-time 1:1 Diet Business Owners who have received free training and support in making a success of their businesses.  This has also enabled me to receive a secondary income and to run 3 other businesses.   There is no need for face to face as consultations are done virtually.  And the beauty of virtual is that you can be virtually anywhere for me to sponsor you.  Your training is also done virtually.  What next?  Get in touch for a no obligation friendly chat.

Believe in Yourself