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Hi, we're Marilyn & Sharon !


In 2007 we were both unhappy with our weight and it was a "now or never" moment. We knew that it was time to fix it for our own health and wellbeing.

Decision Time!

Decision No 1 Start the 1:1 Diet

Decision No 2 After 2 weeks on Plan we realised that THIS WAS THE ONE and we decided to train as 1:1 Diet consultants, first Marilyn, then Sharon.

Decision No 3 Build a TEAM

These are undoubtedly the three most life-changing decisions either of us ever made. We now lead a MULTI-AWARD-WINNING TEAM of over 150 consultants which reaches right across Central Scotland, as well as into Fife, Lothians and the Scottish Borders.

YOU can be part of that success. This is a golden opportunity to earn extra cash, be it full time, part time, going solo, working with a partner, building a team, or simply supplementing your income to buy those little extras. You make your own hours, decide when and where you'll work, how many clients you want... you're self-employed so you make YOUR decisions about YOUR business. 

Our Head Office provides your initial training via Zoom, and after that we’re here to guide, help, advise and support you to get up and running, and beyond.

The potential is there for you to make of it what you will. There are no sales targets, the more you put in the more you get out, but no-one is breathing down your neck for results. It's YOUR choice

The best bit? YOU get to help people to change their lives, often people who think they've no hope of losing weight, have given up, have weight-related health issues. Then of course there's COVID. The clear links to overweight and obesity are making it even more vital for people to lose weight.

YOU CAN HELP. It's the BEST feeling in the world to know that you're playing a part in that, while reaping not only financial (important) but also emotional rewards. So please do get in touch to find out more. It'll be great to hear from you.

Interested? Want to know more? Get in touch and we'll tell you all about it.

Feel one-to-onederful in a totally flexible, totally awesome new job as a diet Consultant. Start bei