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Hi, I'm Karen!

1:1 Diet Consultant

Becoming a 1:1 Diet Consultant was the best career choice I ever made - allowing me the time I needed was crucial and earning a full time salary for part time hours made it perfect

Choosing my own working hours is as important now as ever - just in different ways - family time comes first and holidays can be when I want and being financially secure means I can plan in advance too 

As a mobile consultant I love travelling to others and make my visits flexble to suit eveyone - I have worked from home in my dining room so experience different ways to work over the past 16 years

Why choose a career change - well supporting an watcing clients lose weight - feel amazing and change their life forever is the best job satisfaction ever.  Seeing the changes in people is amazing and knowing their health has improved can be a massive part of their weight loss story too 

Working hard means the uncapped potential income is a there is you want it and working with great people and igven the chance to choose your own team to brings a sunshine to anyones day 

Need a part time job ? This is a great way of helping you earn that extra income and save for that special something youve always wanted - you can fit a few hours in day time or evening, week day or weekend - the choice is yours

If you feel like you would like to give the 1:1 Diet Consultant roll a try and join my amazing team then make the call or email for a chat or more details - you wont regret it and neither will your future self as you will be part of a great team and be one of the lucky ones like me in having what I consider one of the best jobs in the world !


Make a decision your future self will thank you for - I know thats what I did