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Hi, I'm Ginny!

Experienced Sponsor

I started as a Cambridge Diet Counsellor in 2006, after losing weight myself on the plan. The business offering has evolved and enhanced over the years, and with the recent rebranding, I am now proud to be called a Consultant for The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan. In 2016, I received my 10 year and 15 year long service awards (see pics). Over the past 16 years I have helped a number of clients and friends to make the same journey themselves. 

There are very few business opportunities where you only need to make a small starting investment and can turn a decent profit by the end of the first tax year. That was my story, and for those that I have sponsored. With my personal ongoing support, and the many business tools that Head Office offer, it is certainly possible to add a second income stream to your household, or even ditch that boring day job and make The 1:1 Diet your main source of income. 

Training and Accreditation has never been easier - it's all done online, with Zoom sessions conducted by Head Office, supplemented with my more personal on the job training with you. More informal training is ongoing, there is always something new to learn about. I can help with day-to-day queries, marketing and keeping appropriate stock levels.

My own story is that I started whilst I was on a countdown to redundancy. I had young children, elderly parents and various animals to look after and I thought it would be a good transition until I could find another 'day' job. But in fact I was so successful that I never took another job, preferring to be my own boss and set my own hours around my busy family duties. 

I have never looked back - my downline team have become my friends, and the time I invest in helping them grow also benefits me and my business. I love what I do, and have been so grateful and humbled that I have been able to continue working through these unprecedented times of global pandemic.

PS. I love my job, but hate having my picture taken!

Experienced Sponsor, here to help you succeed in your new venture.