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Hi, I'm Linda!

Join My Award Winning Team

 Hi, firstly, I want to thank you for reading my Sponsor CV and congratulate you on this exciting step towards becoming a Consultant.

Support and care is the foundation of the 1:1 approach. As an award-winning consultant with 16 years experience with The Cambridge Weight Plan, I have taken this care into the heart of everything I do. The fabulously supportive Downline team I have built are  testament to this. If you chose me as your Sponsor, my team and I will champion you to be the best Consultant you can be.

I understand the importance of choosing the right Sponsor for you. I was blessed to have an experienced Sponsor who was one of the first Consultants with CWP back in the Mid '80s. I now happily share these years of experience with my own team and clients. I also understand that becoming a Consultant can seem daunting at first; when my Consultant originally suggested the opportunity  I was struggling with weight issues and low-self esteem. Thankfully, I took the leap. I can honestly say I have NEVER looked back since.

My wonderful, Award-Winning Team includes 4 generations of Consultants based across the whole of the UK. I have great success working remotely sponsoring and training my Downline, many of whom have thriving teams of their own. I tailor my approach to the individual at their pace. We grow as a team by sharing knowledge and lifting each other up. This success is demonstrated by the number of Award Winners in my team, including many Silver/ Gold Consultants and Gold Champions. I am a Gold Elite Consultant myself, ranked consistently in the top 80 out of 7,000 consultants across the UK and Eire. My team are unique and successful independent business owners and I am proud of all of them. You will find we have a vibrant mix of personalities, all ready to support you on this journey.

Please don't be shy to take that first step to call. If you're not sure what to say or ask, don't worry! I will guide you through the process, whether your interests are in consulting with clients, building your team, or both. 

  I pledge 100% commitment to you as your Sponsor, friend and champion. I am passionate about sharing and supporting my clients and team. Your happiness and success means everything to me 

Thank you 

Linda X 


I have a lifetime of priceless experience to share, and will wrap you in a blanket of support