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Hi, I'm Jeremy!

Earn as you learn!

Hi, Jeremy here!

Are you thinking of joining us? I'm training the next generation of Consultants.

I'm a multi-award winning Consultant with more than 17 years experience of helping clients and team members, so I'm very well placed to support you and to pass on all my knowledge.

I'm now looking for our next generation of Consultants and I can help you to set up as a Consultant quickly without fuss, guiding you through the process to become a qualified Consultant easily.

Whether you want me to cover all the basics or go into more advanced subjects, I can show you how to grow your business cheaply and organically without the need to invest lots of money upfront. 

I pride myself on being super-supportive and I've worked hard over the years to help create a wonderful team across the UK of great high-achieving Consultants - some of whom now make more from their business than me! 

So whether you're looking to come onboard part-time or full time, get in touch today for a chat to see what's involved to become a great Consultant in your area.

Feel free to catch me on my mobile 07768 328500 anytime and together let's turn your dream into a reality. 

I'll be there, supporting you all the way...

Best wishes,


As a great part-time hobby or to grow a full time business, I’ve got the skills to support you.