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Hi, I'm Jenni!

I had yo-yo dieted continuously for most of my life until something just clicked after seeing this "before" photo of me. I knew I had to get serious about getting the weight off AND keeping it off.

So, I contacted a 1:1 Cambridge Weightplan Consultant for the support I knew I needed to reach my target weight in 2003 and quickly got there! The ''after' photo is after just 4 months* of being on Cambridge Weightplan.

I had been a size 24+ at my largest, yet I now keep around a size 12, for over a decade, and I am no longer afraid of being out of control. Previously, I could go up and down like this within a relatively short time; getting it off was seemingly easier than keeping it off!

I knew where I was going wrong, i was a nutritionist by training; what I needed was not more theory and "should do" , but real, practical help, and I needed someone who understood how I felt about my weight and who would regularly encourage me to keep going.

This was the X Factor that helped me to succeed at attaining and maintaining my weight loss when all else had failed. I realized that for sustained weight loss I needed support. I needed the help of a 1:1 Consultant who had already been through it herself.

If that's what you need too, contact me today and begin your own transformation to your ideal weight with my help.

It doesn't have to stop there!

Many of the people that I have helped have been so inspired by Cambridge Weightplan that they have also become trained Consultants, along with my continued help and support as their Sponsor... I now have the largest team in Cornwall, and was the Company's first Diamond Level Consultant/Sponsor here, so I can help you find a good match in Plymouth and Cornwall!

Cambridge Weight plan can really change your life in more ways than one!

I am the winner of a Cambridge Consultant "Above and Beyond"  Major Award, Consultant to the winner of a Slimmer of the Year Inspiration Award, and the Consultant to finalists in three more consecutive Slimmer of the Year Awards. I am also the Consultant Sponsor to the winners of a several Highly Commended Award-winning Consultants, and the Consultant Sponsor to the winner of a  Business Development Award-winning Cambridge Consultant.