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Hi, I'm Sarah!

Join my successful team today!

I have been a 1:1 diet with Cambridge Weight Plan consultant for over 19 years and from the very beginning I enjoyed sponsoring others to become consultants, helping them get started with their own businesses. I am used to managing and guiding others with small businesses.

Over the years my team has grown and together with a growing number of immediate consultants sponsored directly by me, I have team memebers with successful growing teams too. My goal to help you in growing your business is to remain an active 'hands on' consultant myself helping others lose weight, keeping myself up to date and revelant with everything that our amazing Company offers to help us run our business.

In this way I help my team members be the best they possibly can be. My priority is aways to listen to my team members and guide them to build the business that they want, whether that is full-time, part-time, or simply to help themselves and a few friends and family on their weight loss journey. Growing your own team or not - the choice is yours.

My role is to be here to help you get started, to be the first port of call for any difficulties or questions you have, and to help in practical ways whenever I can (e.g swapping products when you need something you do not have for a client.)

Please get in touch today, so that I can begin to guide you on your way to becoming a consultant and answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to chatting with you.


Tel: 07899 987777


Help others, be your own boss, love your job, get in touch today to join my successful team.