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Hi, we're Olga & Nigel !

Mother and Son team

Having an inner belief that what you are doing is the right thing comes from excellent training, excellent support and excellent mentors. We are both passionate because we have generated the belief through our own struggles and having had the privilege of helping and watching hundreds of people, just like you.

We instil this self-belief in you so you can run your own race, to whatever goal you wish to accomplish.

There are 5 types of Mentors and we strive to accomplish all 5 of them, whether it is being master of our craft, a champion of your cause, a co-pilot, and anchor or reverse mentoring.

Let us help you achieve

I (Nigel), didn’t come to the One2One business till I was 40. I’d had a traumatic and stressful exit from the IT industry and was looking for something to do next. I wasn’t in good shape either emotionally or physically and once I had gotten myself to a stage to start looking again it was gently put to me that I needed to look better to have better success in interviews. (aren’t families great in telling you how it is ??).  So, it was really just a suggestion to do this business, while looking for something else. But I soon found that I could take the very best of my IT career and transfer it onto this. I really enjoyed meeting and helping people. After all, people are awesome! And with that attitude, and some help, my business took off, becoming a full-time consultant in a few months. I have sponsored since 2007 and have a wealth of experience to offer you.





Mother and Son team have 50 years of combined experience